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Kanye West releasing Air Yeezy 2 sneakers – NJNews

Posted in Gear, Hip Hop, Sneakers with tags , , on May 30, 2012 by New Jawn

Available on June 9th.

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Jordan 10 Retro “Stealth”

Posted in Gear, Sneakers on March 23, 2012 by New Jawn

Available tomorrow.

Air Jordan 11 release today – NJNews

Posted in Gear, Sneakers on December 23, 2011 by New Jawn

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that the Air Jordan 11 Retro sneakers are back on the market as of today. These are pretty much known as the hottest pair of kicks of all-time. Most likely, almost everywhere is already sold out. I know some hood stores were selling them in advance for around $200-$250. Foot Locker was supposed to get in a ton of them, as well as stores like UBIQ carrying the 11’s. It may be too late, but if you luck out, treat yourself this holiday season.

Nike’s new Omar Salazar LR sneakers (Video)

Posted in Advertising, Sneakers, Sports on November 18, 2011 by New Jawn

Skater Omar Salazar has a new sneaker model out and the good people at Nike decided to put together a little promotional commercial/video to help push the kicks. Salazar has been with Nike since 2010, but he’s been street skating well before then. You may have caught his session in Nothing But The Truth. The commercial part of this is funny and shows off some decent stunt skating, but stick around after for the good part where Omar shows off his real talent.

Pusha T – Don’t Fuck With Me (Cloud, MP3)

Posted in Hip Hop, MP3, Sneakers, Video on September 26, 2011 by New Jawn


Pusha is back to work after dropping six racks on those Marty McFly’s.


McFly’s Closet

Jordan 7 Cardinal out today

Posted in Gear, Sneakers on June 18, 2011 by New Jawn

I just picked this other pair of Jordans up yesterday, but the Jordan 7 Cardinal kicks that come out today got me ready to double up. They are released today with a $150 price tag. Not too bad considering what some J’s go for these days. They are on sale at UBIQ today at 11am. Not sure if these will be a quick sell or not. The Jordan 7 Cardinals would look pretty sick with one of these. Too soon?

New Jordans/Nikes – Summer 2011

Posted in Sneakers on June 5, 2011 by New Jawn

The iconic Jordan 3.  These would go perfect with my blue Halladay T.   These are only available at specialty stores.

In my opinion the best looking low top skate nikes out.  The verdict is that the Koston’s are comfy as shit too.   Need those blue/khaki jawns.

Swizz Beatz feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill – Reebok Back (Cloud, MP3)

Posted in Hip Hop, MP3, Sneakers, Stream on June 5, 2011 by New Jawn

Swizz Beatz does a little shameless promotion on this one, but who can blame him? The new Swizz Reebok sneakers are pretty sick looking and if one of the biggest names in modern hip hop is willing to spit a few bars in getting the word out, why not? Rick Ross and Meek Mill rework their hit “Tupac Back” into a version about Reeboks and the new Swizz line. Check out the track and look for those Swizz kicks in stores.


Air Jordan 3 Retro rerelease tomorrow

Posted in Gear, Philly, Sneakers on June 3, 2011 by New Jawn

UBIQ has these bad boys going on sale tomorrow for a nice 150 bills. I had the Air Jordan 3 Retro kicks when they got reissued back in 2001, when I think they cost more like $100. They are a fly pair of sneakers and match a ton of gear in the white and true blue colors. They go on sale Saturday, June 4th, at 11am. Probably won’t sell out as quickly as some pairs of J’s but I wouldn’t risk it. Might need these to match all my red, white, and blue gear for the 4th festivities.

Eric Koston gets a pro-model Nike SB sneaker

Posted in Gear, Sneakers, Sports, Video on May 26, 2011 by New Jawn

Innovative skateboarder Eric Koston has finally gotten a signature pro-model sneaker with his Nike SB Eric Koston 1 line. Who better to team up with in designing this sick pair of kicks than the NBA’s top dog, Kobe Bryant? The collaboration is two of the best in their prospective sports and they did a nice job on coming up with marketable product. Too bad there were only 24 pairs released earlier this week, each coming with a custom humidor and set of Koston golf balls. I can’t even find a price tag on these, but if they were that exclusive, I’m sure it was steep. Check out the classic Koston session from the old Girl Skateboard’s Yeah Right! video. Nice choice of song also, Koston.

Jordan Fly Wade Quickstrike in stores May 24th

Posted in Gear, Sneakers, Sports on April 29, 2011 by New Jawn

Dwayne Wade finally gets his own signature paid of kicks with the Jordan Fly Wade Quickstrike. These nasty jawns will be out on May 24th and expect a $150+ price tag. Wade debuted these during Game 2 of Round 1 in the NBA Playoffs versus the Sixers. Bummer that the Sixers lost the series, but at least they took one at home for the fans. The Heat will start the Round 2 series against the Boston Celtics this Sunday at 330pm. This should be a seven game series with the two most talent-stacked teams in the East. Wade’s Quickstrikes will be released with a white and a black version. The black are extra sick. Look for these next month.

Air Jordan 2011 Blackout release

Posted in Gear, Sneakers on April 1, 2011 by New Jawn

These new Jordans are out tomorrow. With a $170 price tag, the Air Jordan 2011 Blackout are a flashy ass pair of kicks. In the words of a Jordan fan, “they prolly feel like heaven to ball in”. Sheeeet! If I drop $170 on a pair of kicks, best believe I ain’t running ball in them. Keep them jawns fresh. In stores tomorrow, April 2nd.

New LeBron 8 V2 “Entourage” edition

Posted in Gear, Sneakers, Sports on March 11, 2011 by New Jawn

Now I like flashy shit, but I’m not sure about these. The LeBron 8’s are coming out in a few different styles. This one is the “Entourage” edition, which looks like it was inspired by Avatar heavily. The other versions are “Summit Lake Hornets” which have purple & aqua in them, as well as the “Yankees” edition which are more for the simple man, navy blue & gray. Price tag for the James Cameron’s is $160. Out today.

?uestlove Dunks out tomorrow

Posted in Gear, Philly, Sneakers on March 3, 2011 by New Jawn

?uestlove of The Legendary Roots Crew is releasing three pairs of Nike Dunks starting tomorrow. With $125 price tag, I’m not so sure about the yellow and the black look pretty plain. Most people will probably say the red are the ugly ones, which explains why I am liking those the most. I love the ?uestlove silhouette on the tongue. They’ll be available at UBIQ tomorrow.

Jordan: Year of the Rabbit

Posted in Gear, Sneakers on February 18, 2011 by New Jawn

Keeping with the Asian theme, here is the latest Jordan’s to hit shelves, The Year of the Rabbit Limited Edition Air Jordan 2011. These will be out tomorrow and likely sold out same day, as most limited edition Jordans are, even with the 180 ducket price tag. At least they come with a badass box.

Nike’s new preview for 2010

Posted in Gear, Sneakers on October 1, 2009 by New Jawn

2010 Dunk Preview

2010 SB Preview

2010 Ballin’ Preview


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