The Great Book Of John – Self-titled

I’ve been preoccupied looking into what the former frontman is up to that I never even knew the other members of Wild Sweet Orange had formed a pretty awesome band called The Great Book Of John. Their self-titled debut album came out back in August and comparisons to Radiohead seem to be getting thrown around pretty heavily. But not the recent, out-there Radiohead. Think more The Bends-era Radiohead. There’s still some country twang in there, just like with WSO. Download the full album and check out their cover of INXS’ track “Never Tear Us Apart”, which is not included on their debut.



3 Responses to “The Great Book Of John – Self-titled”

  1. Thanks for the write up!

    Preston Lovinggood (WSO singer) is finishing a new album now. He’ll have a single out next month (as a 7″ and a digital download”) via Communicating Vessels.

  2. […] one week after my discovery of this, the former Wild Sweet Orange frontman Preston Lovinggood has delivered the first solo track of his […]

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