BEST OF 2011: Top 5 Jawns of the Week

It’s been a long 2011 and there’s been plenty of fine asses to receive the title of New Jawn of the Week. Right from the start, we knew it was going to be a fan favorite for our viewers. It was hard to pick our favorites from the NJOTW stable, but we’ve narrowed it down to our Top 5. Looking forward to see who pops up on our radar during 2012.

5. Amber Rose: Since she was the original NJOTW, Amber definitely holds a special place here at New Jawn. The fact that she’s a local chick and still gets spotted in South Philly getting her nails done from time to time makes her that much more desirable. It kinda sucks knowing that Kanye and Wiz both ran thru her, but I’d just use some of that Marshmallow Smirnoff she’s getting loot to model for as disinfectant.

4. Suelyn Medeiros: Suelyn wasn’t nearly as known when we gave her the official title of NJOTW as she is today. Becoming the girlfriend of the present day Ike Turner got her all over the gossip sites during 2011. Well played, Suelyn. I’d gladly take a few slaps to the face for exposure that could get me paid for years to come. Just hope for her sake that whatever Rihanna gave Chris Brown was treatable.

3. Ciara Price: Ciara turned out to be the most searched NJOTW of 2011. The Playboy pin-up is only 21, giving her plenty of time to figure out what she wants to do with herself. Fine by me if she just continues to make appearances as Miss November for next 5-6 years.

2. Natalie Martinez: I haven’t heard any further mention of Natalie and Pitbull since their appearance together at the MTV Awards earlier this year. That’s great news since that little baldhead seems to think it’s acceptable to make Bud Light commercials. Natalie has an acting career ahead of her that hopefully keeps her in the media for years to come.

1. Sophia Marie: The funny thing about Sophia is that we were posting pictures of her way before we even knew her name. Spotting her in a couple rap videos made it easy to find out her name and details. She takes the title as our favorite NJOTW, which I guess makes her The Jawn of 2011. Congratulations, Sophia Marie.


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