Radiohead at Susquehanna Bank Center (Setlist, Video)

Radiohead delivered last night. Check out the full setlist. A great selection of tracks from their extensive catalouge. I will never miss another local Radiohead show after seeing their show in Camden last night. No “2+2=5”, but “The Gloaming” was the tits. There’s some half-decent footage of a few tracks in the “Read more” section.

Setlist 01. Bloom 02. There There 03. Kid A 04. Morning Mr Magpie 05. The Gloaming 06. Separator 07. Lucky 08. Like Spinning Plates 09. Identikit 10. 15 Step 11. Nude 12. Lotus Flower 13. Paranoid Android 14. Feral 15. Little By Little 16. Idioteque (Encore 1) 17. Give Up The Ghost 18. Staircase 19. I Might Be Wrong 20. Bodysnatchers (Encore 2) 21. House Of Cards 22. Reckoner 23. True Love Waits/Everything In Its Right Place



“Paranoid Android”


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