B.Gizzle sentenced to 14 years in prison – NJNews

Well I predicted the next rapper to catch some years would be Webbie and I was wrong, but not far off.  We had to go an hour east to New Orleans to award our next jailbird some bars.  This dude has had a rough fukn life.  B.G. started rapping with Ca$h Money, like Weezy, at the age of 13.  He got a nice lump of cash and then got hooked on herion for years.  He left Cash Money because Birdman was playing with his stacks.  He took a brief hiatus and then signed with G-Unit South only to leave after a year because of feuds with 50 and Young Buck.  A few years back he got pulled over in his Tahoe and cops found all types of stolen guns and ammunition.  He then later tampered with a witness in a separate case and tried to get a buddy to take ownership of 1 of the 3 illegal guns.  14 year sentence, he’ll probably do 8.  God’s speed B.Gizzle.


One Response to “B.Gizzle sentenced to 14 years in prison – NJNews”

  1. My names B.Gizzle man, I’m no rat or mole.
    But after two years in the pen.
    I now have a sore asshole.

    Ya Digg

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