Heading to see this shortly. Lawless hits theaters this week and of course it stars the guy who is in just about everything 2012 has to offer: Tom Hardy. It has a westrn vibe, but doesn’t look like the cliche or typical old school western. I expect a ton of people getting shot in the face and shit since I’ve been told Hardy is “such a badass”. It also features former NJOTW Jessica Chastain and Shia LaBouf, along with all-stars Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce. LaBouf recently was crying to the press about how he would give back all of his Transformers money for credibilty in the industry. Here’s an idea. Stop playing the tortured artist and showing your dingus in Sigur Ros videos and pick quality flicks, instead of garbage sequels. You never heard Leo cry about all that Titanic money. He just made good movie after good movie from that point on. There was no way he was signing on to a Titanic sequel… Get your act together LaBouf.


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