Blood Orange feat. Starchild – Neptune (Cloud)

Dev Hynes is so blown away by the fact that he has a couple of hits under his production belt currently gaining him well-deserved attention in the mainstream, that he was kind enough to give away a new track to fans. Check out his Blood Orange cover of the Lemonade track “Neptune” and read his note that was attached.

Seven months ago the band Lemonade shared with the world their song “Neptune”. It’s a wonderful pop song, with wonderful melodies and connectable / perfect lyrics. As I tend to do with most songs I hear and love. I covered it, as an exercise usually only for myself, but this time I sent it to the band. At the time I loved the lyrics, but right now seven months later… i fully appreciate the lyrics, so in the absence of new Blood Orange materiel… here it is.

p.s I asked my friend Starchild to perform a rap at the end of the track. (You should definitely grab his most recent mix tape Night Music)

Anyway enough. Enjoy. Devonté


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