Eagles hire Chip Kelly – NJNews

dAfter 2 excruciating weeks the Philadelphia Eagles have got their man.  They interviewed 12 potential candidates and they were running out of options.  Everything changed this morning when Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman decided to give Chip Kelly total control over personnel and draft picks.  Chip gladly reconsidered the offer and accepted.

Eagles’ fans should be happy with their new coach as he will turn the most predictable offense in the NFL into an exciting product.  Chip runs a fast paced offense that has been admired by Bill Belichick and many other NFL coaches.  We can say goodbye to fat Andy and his workbelt and welcome in the visor as Kelly’s go to head piece.  Kelly is 49 years old and single, what does this mean?  Kelly has no distractions in is life and he can focus on football unlike our previous coach who’s family drama got the best of him.

I’m excited for his draft picks, the possibility of returning to the Kelly Green jerseys and an explosive offense that rarely huddles.  His plane lands at 7:37pm tonight and I’m considering taking some signs down to PHL.



One Response to “Eagles hire Chip Kelly – NJNews”

  1. Garygoesinya Says:

    Goodbye fat Andy and your workout belt!

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