New Jawn of the Week – Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario - NJOTW

If you’re watching the HBO series True Detective, then you already have likely hit the Interweb to look up what else Alexandra Daddario has been in. The NYC native has been in a few flicks but nothing that would have allowed her to show off her naughty side. Daddrio is 27 with a mix of Irish, Italian, and Czech in her and stars as Woody Harrelson’s side piece in the new cop drama on HBO. In her indtroductory scene, she cuffs Woody up, does a little strip tease which I’m sure had him living up to his name, then gives him a good ol’ fashion mouthy. Way to make your entrance baby girl. The actress says the nude scene wasn’t that awkward so I’m sure there will be more to come. True Detective premieres new epsiodes every Sunday at 9pm. It’s only a few weeks in, so catch up quick to see more of the current NJOTW.


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