Guardians Of The Galaxy (Trailer)


Jimmy Kimmel Live premiered the first official trailer for the upcoming Marvel release Guardians Of The Galaxy. The sci-fi comic adaptation hits screens in August 2014 and stars a huge list of Hollywood stars including Chris Pratt as Star Lord, former NJOTW Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Vin Disel as Groot, and Bradley Cooper voicing the sure-to-be fan favorite Rocket. Rumors have been circulating that GOTG would have the Mad Titan, Thanos, making his mark in the Marvel Universe Phase One, then returning in The Avengers 2 as the main villain. No signs of Thanos in this trailer, but odds are they wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for us with our first trailer. This looks like Marvel is going even further than they have with Iron Man to give audiences a hardy chuckle. Not sure if this will be a good movie, but I do like how they are connecting all of these recent Marvel releases.


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