A$AP Twelvy – XSCAPE (MP3, Video)


For all of the New Jawn followers that wonder why we don’t post everyday it’s because there is still a ton of wack hip hop and rock out there.  If a popular artist releases a dud then its not post worthy.  We will continue to only post music that we would purchase or listen to ourselves.  A special thanks to all of the A$AP Mob for creating a new sound in hip hop.

On another note I think our current state of music is in an amazing place.  From indie artists to veteran pop artists, the levels of creativity and innovation are tremendous.  I think American hip hop has entered a second golden age with the seasoned veterans still putting out a great product and the starving youngins’ are straight raw.  The most impressive shit I have noticed over the past few years is the new artists ability to rock a live show.  Rapping, signing, moving, rocking and cracking a few jokes between a song to keep em’ smiling…love that shit!  ALBUSY



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