MackelMore Speaks out for Blacks 

The Seattle Based Rapper took to Instagram in lue of the recent death of the Alton Sterling death that took place in California . 

Macklemore stated the following on his Instagram page : 
“How many more murders of black people by police before we hold our system and those that enforce it accountable? The footage of Alton Sterling being murdered by a police officer is equal parts horrific, infuriating and devastating. How many times can we watch a family at a press conference in hysterics over the killing of their loved one? Murdered by those that have been assigned to protect us.”

Violence is violence at the end of the day but some hip hop scholars believe Mack is looking for cool points .

Some believe this is how Macklemore develops his following by speaking up for equality for all people . His message is always positive but does he just use these tactics to gain support ?

Remember ” Same Love ” which he release in 2012. The song was a huge success and earned him tons of sales with in the gay community .

Was his post real talk or is Macklemore lookin for a black card ?

What are your thoughts ? 

Either way props to Macklemore for speaking up for positive change . 


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